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Kheer/Indian Rice Pudding

Cuisine – Indian(also eaten by people of neighbouring countries of India)
Type – Sweet/Dessert
Calorie Count – 1 bowl of kheer have approx 250 calories

Kheer is sweet dish loved by all parts of India and nearby countries too. Kheer was originally invented in ancient India and is also mentioned in Ayurveda. Now it is common in Indian subcontinent and enjoyed by neighbouring countries of India like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Shri Lanka.

Kheer is mainly made up of rice, milk, sugar/jaggery,green cardamom powder, safforn and served with garnishing of dry fruits of once choice.

People also prepare kheer with some substitutes to rice such as vermicelli (sewai), bulgur (dalia) and if you are health consious make it with oats(it really tastes good). There are many variations like people use flour of rice,wheat instead of using whole grain, and one may also use carrot(gajar),pumpkin(kaddu), bottle gourd(doodhi), beetroot to prepare kheer, adding an extra health quotient. Talking about health one can easily substitute sugar with jaggery, brown sugar, honey and some other natural sweeteners.

It is also known by some other names such as Payasa, Payasam, Phirni, sheer khurma(one made with vermicelli),porridge, indian pudding. It is one of the common dessert of India which is easy to cook and made in almost every home of India. It is also served as prasad/prasada in temples.It is considered as devotional offering to God and is made in different festivities accross India.

Serve it as you love it, hot or cold both tastes equally good.

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