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If you are foodie and/or have passion about cooking, if you wish to share your thoughts about food be it recipes, reviews or any specific details about food it is always wise option to start blogging and let your thoughts out in the form of writing. If you are willing to start your own food blog or want to grow your blog, I’m going to share some tips and tricks for the same. 

Decide Name 

Think of catchy name that goes with content you are going to share. Make sure people should be able to relate with name, one should guess from the name that it is related to food. 

Decide Content 

Think of content that you will be sharing, make yourself clear what really you want to write about whether they are recipes(specific cuisine or different types of cuisine), reviews, nutritional facts and many more. Try to provide all details but at the same time make sure it is not clumsy. 

Few tricks on what to include in particular post to give better understanding of that dish/recipe: 

– First write title in bold (make sure to include name if the dish is known by some other name too) 

– Attach photo of dish that attracts audience to read your post. 

– Write about origin and historical facts about dish. Tell about cuisine and type of dish(categorize it into sweet, savory, drink etc.) 

-Write about how it served(cold/hot/room temperature) and sides and condiments that goes with the dish. 

Mind Map for Food Blog

-Make sure you are writing the place(be it country, state, city or any other particular details) where it’s famous and one can enjoy its authentic taste. 

-Write about nutritional values like calorie count etc. 

-If you are providing recipe make sure to add list of ingredients with measurements and substitutes for particular ingredients, if possible try to make video of recipe, or provide stepwise instruction(with pictures) as people relate things better in visual form. 

Add Tags 

Write down and categorize tags that goes well with dish/recipe so that it becomes easy for people to know about it 

Provide Search Bar 

Make sure to add search bar to your site so that it makes easy for people to search if they are looking for anything specific, otherwise people will be tired of scrolling. 

Select theme for your site 

Make sure you are selecting theme for your site as it will maintain structure each time you post new writing, without theme it will not look appealing and will show contents randomly  

Advertise and Share 

Share to your blog with friends and family and advertise it. Make sure to take reviews from others so that you keep upgrading your blog. 

Provide Comment Box 

Provide Comment box in every post so that it becomes easy for people yo share their thoughts and for you too to monitor your blog 

Provide Contact Details 

Make sure you are providing your social media contact details so it keeps easy for you audience to keep in touch with you. 

Keep track of posting 

Make sure you are keeping track and posting timely, make it habit to post at least a blog a week. 

These are few tricks and tips but what matters is what you are writing and how you are presenting it, as it is rightly said “Content is King”, so make your content up to date, clear and detailed as it will attract audience and will make them visit again. 

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