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KHAMAN DHOKLA Cuisine – Indian Type – Snack Calorie Count- One Piece of KHAMAN has around 48 calories.
Khaman is popular dish of Gujarat State in India, but it is also popular among adjacent states of Gujarat. It is mainly enjoyed in breakfast and evening snacks. It has very soft texture and it just melts in mouth. It is very light and goes perfect as snack.
It is mainly made up of Besan ( chana aata/ chickpea flour) and what makes it more appetizing is tadka (mainly consists of mustard seed, sesame seed, green chilies, curry leaves, coriander sizzled in oil) . It goes best with green chutney ( made up of chilies, coriander leaves, mint leaves) and sweet and sour chutney( made up of tamarind and jaggery). 
There are different types of dhokla , khaman being one of them. Typically the dish dhokla is made up of fermented batter of rice and dal/lentils(chana/chickpea or urad/blag gram).
The main concept of dhokla is taking any batter be it of chickpea(which is used in khaman) or rice and lentils (which is used dhokla), spread the batter in deep dish and let it steam for around 15 minutes and for extra flavour add tadka over it and cut it into pieces which are ready to served at room temperature with different chutneys.

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